Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan – Cracking The VA Code


Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan – Cracking The VA CodeNathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan – Cracking The VA Code

Learn Strategies to Interview, Onboard, Train, and Manage VAs to Scale your Business Faster

What You Get:

A Proven System for Hiring and Scaling with VAs

Section 1: The Introduction

Module 1: Meet your instructors for the course, Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan.
Learn how the course will change your outlook on hiring and business.
Module 2: Get introduced to the IOTM System
Module 3: Complete an activity evaluating your business and setting goals for where you want it to be by the end of the course.

Section 2: Interviewing (The CARE Interview Process)

Module 1: What is a virtual assistant and what traits make a really good one?
Cheat sheet: Traits to Looks for & Traits to Avoid
Module 2: Where can you hire VAs from and important things to know about hiring from the Philippines.
Cheat sheet: Things to Remember about Filipinos
Module 3: How to decide what task to hire for first in your business.
Activity: Decide which task that you’re going to hire for first.
Module 4: How to conduct an interview using just chat (Skype/Slack) and the CARE Interview Process.
Activity: Find and interview at least 2 virtual assistants for the task you want to take off your plate using our unique CARE Interview Process.

Section 3: Onboarding (The SICC Method)

Module 1: How to set up a working schedule with your VA
Activity: Create a schedule with the VA that you’re hiring for your first task
Module 2: How to deal with Internet issues, power outages, and disappearing VAs
Cheat sheet: Questions to Ask to Identify Possible Red Flags
Module 3: How to Set Up Communication Channels with your VA
Activity: Download the communication apps you’re going to use.
Module 4: How to onboard for company goals and culture
Activity: Create your own company culture doc
Full Section Activity: Hold a meeting with the VA to go over monetary compensation and all parts of the SICC Onboarding Method.

Section 4: Training (The SSS Technique)

Module 1: What is a SOP and how do you build your own?
Cheat sheet: SOP examples
Activity: Make your own SOP for the task that you’re hiring the VA for
Module 2: How to train with a SOP using the SSS Training Technique. SSS stands for study, sample, show.
Activity: Set up a meeting and train your newly hired VA on the task’s SOP

Section 5: Managing your VA (The BARF Method)

Module 1: The BARF Method (Buying in, Appreciation, Relationship, Family)
Cheat sheet: 1 Activity to Perform Each Week from the BARF Method
Module 2: How to manage your VA on a weekly basis with daily checkins, weekly meetings, and quarterly check-ins.
Activity: Set up the meetings in your calendar and invite the VA to them. Clearly explain your expectations for daily checkins to the VA.
Module 3: How to use a task management system like Trello to manage your VA
Module 4: How to set up bonus and raise policies
Activity: Create your own bonus and raise policies and share them with your VA
Module 5: How to fire someone when it’s not working out
Module 6: How to scale your team past 1 VA, 5 VAs, 10 VAs.
Cheat sheet: Organizational charts for each level of scaling a business with VAs.

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Section 6: Outro

Module 1: Special thanks from Nathan and Connor.
Module 2: Give your feedback on how the course was and where it can be improved.

Course Page: Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan – Cracking The VA Code
Size: 5.53 GB

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