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Ever since we launched our first set of Certification & Mastery Courses, DigitalMarketer subscribers have been begging us to create “combo” courses for marketers and entrepreneurs that wear multiple hats. Well, your wish is our command.

Introducing DigitalMarketer’s new Certification & Mastery Course Bundles!

We strategically bundled our most popular Certification & Mastery Courses and slashed the price so that you can get more marketing bang for your marketing buck. These bundles are made of two separate certification & mastery courses that complement one another and are meant to boost a specific channel within your marketing strategy.

Digital Marketer

We built these foundational courses to train our own team members, but in the spirit of “open sourcing” our business (which is what DigitalMarketer is all about) we’ve made these certifications available to the world. Become a CERTIFIED EXPERT in fields such as: Digital Strategy, Content Marketing, Paid Advertising, Search Marketing, Email Marketing, Copywriting… and so much more.


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