Dr. Michael Breus (MindValley) – The Mastery of Sleep

Dr. Michael Breus (MindValley) – The Mastery of Sleep

Dr. Michael Breus (MindValley) – The Mastery of Sleep

The Mastery of Sleep program with Dr. Michael Breus is designed to systematically hack your environment and your hormonal system to trigger deep sleep based on your unique circadian rhythm (also known as your Chronotype).

In just 28 days, you’ll learn how to use the latest science of sleep to identify your ideal bedtime, the number of hours of sleep your mind and body really needs (hint: the 8-hour sleep is a complete myth), and how to reprogram your mind and body to wake up energized without ever needing an alarm clock.

By the end of the program, you’ll quickly notice just how much easier and faster you fall asleep, and night-waking becomes rarer and rarer.

No matter how many frustrating nights of restlessness you’ve endured in the past – just let Dr. Breus guide you through the process. And before you know it, you’ll be enjoying some of the most blissful, uninterrupted sleep of your life – night after night after night.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Drift Off in No Time At AllStop staring at the ceiling and eliminate struggles to fall asleep, so you quickly sail into rest at night.
  2. Experience True RestComplete deep, full REM cycles that give your body the rest it needs to repair and restore for the day ahead
  3. Get Up and GOExperience less fatigue and more invigorating energy throughout the day, so you can get things done.
  4. Amazing Mental ClarityBoost your brain’s ability to function and process by giving it the rest it needs to perform at your best.
  5. Razor-Sharp FocusClear mental fog so you can multi-task with ease, improve your memory and focus on the things you need to achieve.
  6. Be Resilient to StressUse improved sleep to reduce stress so you sail through challenges and obstacles with calm.
  7. Freedom From Sleep MedicationRegain control of your sleep cycle so you can reduce dependency on sleep medications for better body wellness.
  8. Better Emotional BalanceBetter sleep results in greater emotional balance and less mood swings. This means feeling happier and better all day long.

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