Eben Pagan – Get Altitude

Eben Pagan – Get Altitude

Eben Pagan – Get Altitude


Discover The Exact Methods I Used
To Rapidly Grow My Business

Simply put, Accelerate is the most powerful training program ever created for helping you grow your business from the “startup” phase – to the $10 Million level (and beyond).

The Altitude Program is an intensive “Top Gun CEO Training” Program for entrepreneurs and business founders who want to learn the methods I’ve assembled and developed…that helped me grow my business from a startup…to over $25 Million per year in sales.

It has taken me many, many years of research, testing and learning to discover, refine and organize all of the training you’re about to experience. And I’ve brought in other top business experts to take things to the next level.

It’s important that you remember something: For every concept, strategy and technique that I teach you I’ve tried probably twenty that either didn’t work or didn’t work very well.

I’m only sharing the BEST things I’ve learned…From leadership to time management…to targeting niches and creating products…to advertising and marketing…to hiring and managing people…to creating systems that automate your business.

We’ll be using a “template” of the path to growing a business to the $10 Million per year level… and beyond. But Altitude isn’t just for businesses that would like to become “huge” one day. It’s also for a someone like you who has already shown that you want to learn how to do everything the right way and free up your time and energy.

Get Altitude is a very interesting MARKETING experiment. It describes how to build a BUSINESS WORTH up to 10 MLN. and more! Eben Pagan (also known as David DeAngelo) is not another Internet marketer who earns most of his money by teaching how to make money online. He has built real businesses and his sales have surged from 0 to 20 millions a year in just 5 years! In the Altitude Marketing Mentor program, Eben Pagan has been teaching REAL marketing: how to THINK like a marketer, the methods that he uses to
Create Businesses and Marketing Systems that literally bring in tens of millions of dollars like clockwork.

15 professionally shot and tightly-edited DVDs of the Altitude program:

DVD :1
Thinking Like A Customer
Communicating With Your Customers Effectively
Making Profitable Decisions Using Data

DVD :2
The Powerful Marketing Technique Of Moving The Free Line
How To Communicate Buying Benefits To Customers Fast
How To Find And Attract Stars To Work With And For You

DVD :3
Interviewing And Hiring Top Talent
How To Make Your Business Stable
How To Develop Your Team Members

DVD :4
How To Manage Your Personal Time And Teams Time
Time Traps To Avoid


Course Page: Eben Pagan – Get Altitude
Size: 7.66 GB

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