Elise McDowell – Biz Blitz

Elise McDowell – Biz Blitz

Elise McDowell – Biz Blitz

How to Stop Overthinking, Build The Damn Business & Start Making Money in 30 Days

This course is for beginners and relatively new to business folks who are ready to stop overthinking, do the work to build the business in a non-complicated and simple way and start making money.

If you know me or you’ve followed me a while, you know I churn out content and products fast. I do things rapidly in my business now (unlike when I first started my biz). I don’t let my excuses take over. I do the work.

That is EXACTLY what this course is like. I tell you how to do the things, you go and do them, It’s all about done over perfect. So if that’s what you’re down for, then you’re gonna love my Biz Blitz course.

You’ll learn how to get your business started for free, productivity hacks and keeping a work routine, how to stay consistent and motivated when there aren’t results, how to stop overthinking and procrastination as well as how to work through money blocks around your business.

In Module 2 you’ll learn how to create high-converting landing pages in Mailchimp and ConvertKit, how to get your first 1000 email list subscribers, how to create . PDF’s in Canva for opt-in offers aswell as ideas for lead magnets and how to use countdown timers in your email marketing.

We all hear content is key, and it’s true. So in this module you’ll learn how to create content easily and how to batch it. You’ll also get livestreaming tips and how to deliver your message simply, plus how to create video, audio and screenshare content on your Mac.

It’s time to create your social media strategy in Module 4! You’ll learn how to increase traffic to your website and landing pages through Pinterest as well as how to grow your Youtube channel. There’s extra ideas on how to increase traffic plus a mammoth social media planning exercise.

It’s time to create some digital products! You’ll learn how to outline an ebook and course, how to create your ebook in Canva and how to create your course on Teachable. You’ll learn my easy and simple way to write a sales page plusmy advice on how best to price your products when starting.

In your last module, you’ll learn how to create a simple email Sales Funnel to sell your digital products through. You’ll also get the simple process I use to launch an offer to my life, how to sell your products consistently and how to make bank on Black Friday.


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