How to Download The Courses

We are sharing the courses for free but we also need money to keep this website alive. Thus, we chose to display ads on our website and (instead of donation so everyone has the chance to contribute without spending money) to pay for web hosting and compensate for our webmaster’s time.

Thier are 2 Reasons that we are Uploading Courses in Parts:

1: Lots of Users have slow Internet Connection so they Can not Download Large Files and Sometime the Download interrupted in the Half and this is the Big issue for those users for that we have Splitted All Courses in Parts.

2: We are Uploading to the Servers that do not Allow us to Upload Large Files because of them we are Splitting the Courses into Parts.

Because of this, it might get tricky for you to download the files if you’re not familiar with our website.

So here are the steps  on how to download the courses:

How to Download the Courses for Free from this (freecoursez) Website:

Please watch the Video Bellow and you will know how to download and Extract Courses without any error: