Jesse Pitela (RedefineFX) – Rocket Launch Beginner FX Course

RedefineFX - Rocket Launch Beginner FX Course

RedefineFX – Rocket Launch Beginner FX Course


  • Learn how to setup 10 unique FX inspired by the current space race
  • Get step-by-step, start-to-finish guidance from zero all the way to finished FX
  • Learn fast with to-the-point, information-packed, bite-sized lessons
  • Gain confidence in building your own unique FX shots
  • The recordings are professionally edited & all the fluff and pauses are cut out so you can get the information as fast as possible
  • Project files are included so you can just open my file and look at my settings if you’re struggling to make something work

Course Curriculum

MODULE 01: Warm up & Bonus FX

  •  StartCompressed Air FX (17:19)
  •  StartEngine Burn (8:20)
  •  StartSuper Sonic Boom (8:19)

MODULE 02: Rocket Launch FX

  •  StartLiquid Oxygen (16:10)
  •  StartMain Launch Smoke Plumes (11:16)
  •  StartLaunch Omni-directional Smoke Wave (14:46)
  •  StartWater Deluge Simulation (12:24)

MODULE 03: Rocket Landing FX

  •  StartLanding Ground Fire FX (10:51)
  •  StartLanding Firewave (8:54)
  •  StartLanding Smokewave & Wrap up (10:06)

Course Page: Jesse Pitela (RedefineFX) – Rocket Launch Beginner FX Course
Size: 905 MB

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