Justin Painter – 6 Figure Dropshipping Mastery

If you’re familiar with Justin Painter on Youtube, you might be aware of his course called the 6 figure Dropshipping Mastery. In this article I am going to review this product that’s hosted on Teachable FOR $297 and make a recommendation if you should pick it up or not.

Who is Justin Painter?
Justin Painter (at time of this writing) is a 19 year old entrepreneur that seems to be doing well in dropshipping. At the age of 18 (end of 2018) he claims to have made $107,000 in a month using the drop shipping model with Shopify.

Now, if you don’t know, whenever one of these guys on Youtube tell you how much money they make, remember these are revenue numbers, not profit. Check out my guide on expenses while running a Shopify store to get a better understanding of expenses involved. Anyway, regardless of that, if the numbers are true, that’s pretty good for an 18 year old.

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Justin’s YouTube Channel
Justin gives pretty good value on his channel for those looking to get into drop shipping. Keep in mind though like other Youtubers, he’s not going to give away all his ‘secrets’ on how he really makes money with drop shipping. These Youtube channels are in a sense a funnel to get you warmed up to buy a course.

Topics on his channel include things like an interview with one of his students that made over 23K in his first month, to how to sell your Shopify store, what the best niches are for 2019, things to do before starting your store and so on. He even has a series on how he tries to take a brand new store from $0-$1000 in the first two weeks.

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