Lead Gen Affiliate with Ross Minchev


The biggest issue is that there is just so much information, and trying to decipher the right information from them in a reasonable amount of time is not realistic.

Unfortunately, if you get the wrong information in the affiliate marketing world, you are going to lose money and become frustrated.

So how do you know who you can trust? It always seems like the people that are making the most money, they only tell you part of the story, and they keep the secrets to themselves.

Usually, most affiliates, drop-shippers, and Amazon Gurus, rarely if ever, are transparent with their products and campaigns that are working right now.

It’s like a secret society of the “top dogs” that have figured out the online code.

Sounds familiar?

You have the drive, the work ethic, and even some of the skills, but you can’t seem to get on the right path.

It’s not easy for the newbie.

If you are one of the guys that managed to turn a profit so far, then you deserve huge congratulations.

Being an online marketer generally has ups and downs.

When you have a hot campaign, life is good, steak dinners, and new shoes! The problem is the campaigns – they don’t last forever.

When the money is flowing, your brain releases the dopamine for that euphoric feeling.

But you always have that back of the head feeling of “is this going to last.”

From one day to the next something happens and it’s all gone, just last week we were making a nice, smooth $1-$2K a day from a Pinterest account, then they add some video feature for advertisers, and that jacked the algorithm, and overnight we were losing $500 a day.

It’s a constant battle to keep accounts active and ads profitable.

Other affiliates find your stuff with spy tools and copy it all the time.

Top offers go down, and consistency is always an issue in affiliate marketing.

You get something working with your creativity, and the next thing you know, you see someone running the same creatives you designed.

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