Market Fluidity – Unlearn and Relearn

Market Fluidity – Unlearn and Relearn

Market Fluidity – Unlearn and Relearn

Market Fluidity focuses on the movements of candles.
Without truly understanding candles, it is really hard to read price and anticipate moves.

The program is designed to teach you HOW to read stories from candles and how to EFFECTIVELY use it in your day to day trading.
Invest in the skill set, and let your discipline pay you dividends over time.

Market Fluidity – Course Content
(Updated bi-weekly)

Welcome !
Unlearn & ReLearn

Intro to Forex

How to chose currency pairs

Lots and Leverage

Risk Management 1.0

Anatomy of Candlesticks

Market Trends

Support & Resistance 1.0

Risk Management 2.0

Momentum vs VolatilityVolume

Explaining a WickFill

Risk Management 3.0

Support & Resistance 2.0


Candle Trends

Trading the Trend

Rejection in Zones

Trading Plan

Psychology / Trade Management

Ted Talks – Backtesting, Risk Management, Ranges & Zones

Ted Talks – Staying consistent Trading + Life

How to effectively backtest

Keeping losses small

How to Entries / Breakout Fakeouts / How not to miss trades

Advanced Technical Concepts

Giving trades a second chance

Fakeouts and how to Trade them

Gaps and How to handle losses

Breakouts and Candle Rejections

Using Sellstops and Buystops

Adding positions to Trades – Trends

When do trends happen

Defining an uptrend

Defining a downtrend

Defining Consolidation & How to approach it

Breakout impulse trades vs Retests

Simulation 25% week

Learning from Losses

Defining a loss

What happens when you take a loss (emotions)

Things to do when you take a loss + examples

Simulation Session

Back to the Basics

How does the market move ?

Defining Support & Resistance

When to take buys and sells

Bias and Execution on fast moving price

Emotions – Ted Talks

Simulation – Back to the Basics

The Signs 2.0

Prerequisites to trading

Risk Planning

Protecting yourself from yourself

Ted Talks – Stop Dreaming

Identifying a Trend + Momentum

Are we bullish or bearish

Higher timeframes vs Lower timemframes

Analysis paralysis + Trading Plan


Q & A – Simulation

Forex 101 – Minibootcamp (Oct 2017)

Refresher 13th June (simulation)

Refresher – Candle Volumes

Backtesting NFP 2018

Refresher – Identifying Trend Trades with Rules

Refresher – Impulse Entries & Risk Management

Simulation Gold – Basics to 1800

Simulation GJ – Entries & Impulse Entries

Simulation GJ Candle Confirmations

Simulation EJ Managing Risk + Consolidation

How to combat Fakeouts
Rules for taking a trade / Analysi
Supply and Demand (FxFam Member contribution)


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