Michael Breen – Elite Group Coaching

Michael Breen – Elite Group Coaching
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Annihilate The Obstacles, Crippling Fears & Unproductive Habits That Are Screwing With Your Success As You Transform Into A Confident, Powerful, Success Magnet Who Creates Your Dreams With Greater Speed, Enjoyment & Ease

Inside The Most Powerful Inner Mind & Outer Game Goal Achievement Program Ever Created

Dear Friend,

Are you truly satisfied with the level of success you are experiencing?

Are you living the life you truly dream of?

Are you achieving your most important goals regularly? Year after year?

Have you got rock-solid confidence that when you set a goal, it truly only a matter of time before it happens?

Or do you feel like you’re drifting, frustrated or struggling, trying to figure out what you should be doing to get the life you want?

You Want Things To Be Better. You’ve Tried Everything You Know. Yet You Can’t Quite Get There…

Have you hit a plateau… been there for a while and can’t seem to escape the same old same ‘Groundhog day’ that’s taken a grip on your life.

You have goals, dreams, aspirations but for some reason you can’t quite put your finger on; you haven’t been able to make happen those big goals happen.

And you want that to change.

You want more.

You want to make more money, command higher respect, be a doer and someone who others look up to.

You’ve studied a lot, tried several things yet…

Time passes. Days, months, years go by and little real progress is made.

If any of that strikes a chord with you, and you’re tired of not making the progress you want and enjoying the lifestyle you’d like, then I’ve got good news!

There is a way to get what you want.

In fact there’s an ELITE Life Transformation programme only a select group of achievers get to join.

Developed by one of Europe’s most successful coaches it’s not like anything you’ve been through before.

Whether you are looking to make more money, change your career, start a new business, lose weight, get organised or take your business or career to another level, the master strategies for achieving goals taught in this program can change your life forever.

In fact, once you put this program to work for you, your business and life will never, ever be the same again.

Introducing A ‘Next-Level’ Elite Coaching
System Guaranteed To Help You
Get The Life You Want.

Imagine if you could have one of Europe’s leading executive coaches, Master Trainer and Celebrity Coach Michael Breen be “on your team” and help you figure out what it takes to achieve your goal.

Someone who is top of their game with a who’s who list of clients he’s worked for.

As a highly paid leading executive coach, Michael has coached…

  • A list celebrities
  • Royalty
  • World famous Pop stars
  • Leading politicians
  • Billion dollar CEO’s and multinational CXOs
  • Start-Up businesses owners
  • And ‘everyday’ folks who aren’t famous but are pursuing important goals

Michael’s not just a master celebrity coach, he’s also an Oscar Nominated Screenplay writer, Master NLP and Hypnosis trainer and worked with over 80,000 people around the globe teaching them how to create success quicker than they ever thought possible.

And that’s where “Elite Group Coaching – Home Study System” will excel for you.

It teaches you the secrets of how the ultra successful think, plan and act so achieving everyday goals to huge stretch goals becomes much easier. Even for many of your difficult goals… inevitable!

Michael ought to know what works. He’s modeled and worked with some of the most successful people on the planet. People who have climbed to the very top of their professions and career tracks.

This ‘Next-Level’ training and coaching programme shows you how to “switch-on” your dormant resources, and how to make dramatic shift in your life and results.

So much so you’ll feel your life has finally broken through to the next level.

The system is organised into two concurrent streams…

Stream 1: Expert ‘Next Level’ Training

You’ll enjoy twelve Elite Skill Building Trainings Modules that fill in the gaps, give you the resources and step-by-step strategies to take your life to the next-level.

Stream 2: Expert Coaching Sessions

You’ll receive twelve life changing coaching modules (recorded from calls with our $5,000 a seat customers; you’ll listen and learn as Michael shows participants how to break through limitations and bust-through any problems)

You’ll get the exact same training as our $4K students but won’t have to pay the high price-tag.

You’ll get access to the same expert training and coaching materials that previous participants paid $4,000 for; but for a fraction of the price (for a limited time only).

For the past five years Michael Breen has been coaching a select group of private NLP Times customers to:

  • Get crystal clear on what they really want for their life (and take action)
  • Change their careers and win major promotions
  • Start new coaching, training and consultancy businesses that they had always been dreaming about but previously had been afraid to start
  • Created dramatic growth in their businesses – going from hundreds of thousands to MILLIONS of dollars in sales PER month
  • And much more

Entry into the program was by invitation and each time we opened up we had more people wanting to join than could and each time the program places were filled up we had to close the doors.

The last time we opened access to this program it SOLD OUT within a few days. In fact we had to turn people away.

But the good news is unlike previous participants who paid $4,000.00 to attend you can join for a fraction of the original cost.


Elite Group Coaching Home Study System

This program teaches you to get the life you want.

Rather than merely sharing a bunch of ‘success tips’ and disconnected strategies hoping you will figure it out out, Elite Group Coaching Home Study System provide a elite thinking, planning and action system to make absolutely sure you make real progress and experience Next-Level success in your life.

Not by accident. But by design.

As you’ll discover from Michael, the goals you work on are entirely up to you.

As you progress through the program you’ll learn to zero in on the actual steps that are required to get the life you want. And cultivate the rock-solid focus to do them.

It all starts with…

Twelve Elite Training Modules That Teach You Winning Skills & Cut-To-The-Chase Strategies For Getting The Life You Want

Course Page: Michael Breen – Elite Group Coaching
Size: 2 GB


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