Perry Marshall – Slingshot Recovery

Perry Marshall – Slingshot Recovery

Perry Marshall – Slingshot Recovery

The 80/20 Laws of Chaos, Crisis and Convergence

Dear Marketing Professional:

Restaurants, gyms, retail stores and manufacturers now sit shuttered in every major city in America.

You are now being forced to send employees home — under government orders. Not your choice.

Business owners are wondering how long the chaos will last — and what to do about it…

I’m having these conversations daily. In the last 36 hours I’ve had consults with 20 different people about this very issue.

Consults in the last two days included…

  • Gyms
  • Bowling alleys
  • Dentists
  • Accountants
  • Sales & business strategists
  • Real Estate
  • Roofing
  • Mortgages
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • School curriculum
  • Capital equipment for manufacturing
  • Professional speakers

As you can see, these are NOT info products sold through Google Ads. Only a minority are “internet marketing.” Planet Perry is fast becoming action central for COVID-19 business problem solving.

What advice are we implementing TODAY?

Not just to survive this chaos…

But to set ourselves up for a Slingshot Recovery once America stumbles out of our forced social distancing, bleary-eyed and ready to resume our lives?

On Friday I got a “911” call from the director of a large fitness center. Local schools shut down. Kids sent home. He’s like, “Hey, I’ve got to keep this place running. What do I do now?”

They cancelled all group classes and will soon be forced to shut down entirely. Customers are asking for refunds because programs have been canceled until further notice.

One dentist is shut down entirely; another is only open for emergency cases.

A member who sells industrial equipment says, “All major capital equipment expenditures are on hold until further notice” and he needed to know what to do right now.

Warren Buffet famously said, “When the tide goes out, you find out who’s been swimming naked.” In every case, someone was swimming naked… not only the client, but the client’s client as well… and this is key.

In every one of these situations, the solution was not immediately obvious. Initially I was baffled. But as we began to disassemble their situations, a way out would emerge every time.

The crisis laid bare gaping weaknesses for all to see. Those who shore up those weaknesses will propel forward when the immediate lockdown is over.

And the bleeding necks are clues. But the clues are camouflaged.

The equipment manufacturer is in a lousy position to sell large equipment contracts right now. NOT gonna happen. But… the tide has gone out and also exposed the cost excesses for his customers. Managers are seeking every possible way to trim costs. Bob has X-ray vision to see sources of waste which, one month ago, nobody would have trifled with. Suddenly those cost overruns are under a microscope.

Players like Bob who know what to do today, tomorrow, the next day – and what not to do – will be the ones who live beyond the lockdown.

Many will not live to see that day.

You need two things:

  1. What to do (and not do) right now
  2. grid for how to see into the very near future – because the grid you have been given up to now is obsolete!

Please don’t brush past #2. Because:

When the paradigm shifts, all the clocks are reset to zero.

This means: All expectations, models, norms, standards, best practices, ideals, aims, goals, objectives, processes and systems are in a state of suspended animation.

Subject to MASS RESET.

What business you’re actually in today, how many hours you work, what you “should” be doing, how much your employees and vendors go the extra mile, what you WILL be doing three months and three years from now… all up for grabs.

EVERYTHING is subject to question. (But the problem is, only 20% of it is worth questioning. Most people are asking the wrong questions.)

I learned a MAJOR lesson in the 2008 crash.

I believed, at the time, that there was no problem great marketing could not solve. I believed you didn’t have to “outrun the bear.” All you had to do was “outrun the other guy.”

I was so wrong.

The result: I coached a number of clients in the mortgage industry and the real estate business, and… my clients were among the last to go bankrupt.

In other words… they made a valiant effort but still could not save them.

It was only later that I really learned how to pick battles… and not fight battles that you cannot win.

It may be possible that you need to run, run, run, as fast as humanly possible, from the business you’re in right now.

Or you may be sitting on a literal goldmine, and all that’s necessary is several significant pivots.

What’s most important is that you find out which path to take… AS FAST AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. This is precisely why I’ve created Slingshot Recovery.

The virus lockdown exposed a weakness for the fitness center: their personal trainers have too much “ownership” of the customers. Roberta Ravella, Roundtable member and business coach, pointed out that all real estate offices struggle with an identical problem.

So we redefined his fitness center as not only a physical location but also a media platform. The director now has a plan to establish their leadership going forward. Meanwhile he has made wise moves to cement relationships with his staff in this very fragile time.

SLINGSHOT RECOVERY is rooted in a practical understanding of chaos patterns in real business – and how an elevated, removed perspective on every crisis helps you make correct decisions for your business.

“Normal” died three years ago. The earth shifted into a new energy, a new era, a new Kairos, in mid to late 2016. Most people are only now getting the memo.

Normal has been bereft of life ever since.

But most people in the world are still trying to get Normal back.

Normal is dead. Normal shall not return.

Normal was a kind man… a faithful man… Normal worked hard and provided for his family. Normal purchased a life insurance policy. Normal was loved and respected by everyone who had the privilege of knowing him.

Normal is survived by his wife Norma and his children Constance and Chastity. We will always hold Normal in our thoughts, cherishing the good times we spent with him. Normal will be dearly missed. Normal will live in our hearts and memories forever.

But Normal is deceased. Normal is buried at the Pleasant Acres cemetery on Main Street, two blocks up from the library.

Most people are immobilized, awaiting Normal’s return. They lie awake on the couch chewing their fingernails like a frazzled parent waiting for a teenager still absent three hours after curfew… suppressing dark fantasies about disasters that may befall their son or daughter.

Others are groping around in the Five Stages of Grief. Most are at the “Bargaining” stage right now, holding placards and waving protest signs.

Some hold out hope that a new president… a new fiscal policy… a new health care plan or political party will bring Normal back.

Slingshot Recovery plumbs far greater depths. This is no mere pep talk. I am opening the vault to the 80/20 levers, the secret sauce, the pattern recognition toolbox fueling my own predictions that will empower you to recognize the meta-patterns that drive the world and the future.

You will discover and ACQUIRE:

  • Some businesses are eminently “save-able.” You can and should to everything to bring them back to health. For others, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men will NOT be able to put Humpty together again. The only thing you’ll receive by “saving” those is an early grave. I learned this in the ’08 crash, back when I believed that there was no problem good marketing couldn’t solve. A whole class of clients went bankrupt despite my best efforts. Slingshot Recovery will give you the tools to “rack the shotgun” on which businesses WON’T make it. If you need to walk away… better find out NOW. If you should stay… better commit NOW.
  • If your bank account gets frozen… if your assets are seized by the IRS… if your building is blockaded with yellow tape by the police… if your business is shut down… the ONE non-financial asset that determines whether you ride again the very next morning… or tumble precipitously and go “splat” and become a statistic
  • The #1 factor that sets your capacity to recover from a financial contagion — what that means you need to do TODAY – and how it will influence week-to-week decisions in your life going forward… for the rest of your life
  • How to consistently be in the right place at the right time, primarily because you know where not to go (and if you’re licking your wounds today, wishing you avoided this — what you need to be paying attention to for the next few months to avoid the next crisis)
  • How to forecast accidents before they happen and declare winners before the race is won (or even run). Discover the fledgling signal that suggested to me in April 2002 that Google would soon become THE 800 pound gorilla (it was FAR from obvious then, Google was just a strange little search engine with white background and a name that was hard to remember, plus their rivals were 10X bigger and better funded)… how I knew to host my Evolution 2.0 prize on HeroX instead of a host of other crowdsourcing sites… how I knew Barack Obama was going to win the 2008 election six months before it happened; and why I’ve been warning my clients about Black Swans for 3½ years (including a stern warning and group exercise at Roundtable San Diego in January) and why you need to recognize this mother pattern.
  • Why the 21st century is fundamentally different from the 20th – yes, even down to the most basic behaviors of human beings – companies large and small – and how you must begin distributing resources and risk in a fundamentally different way
  • How to instantly recognize the fractal patterns of Star Businesses; Simplification; Network Effect; and the “20/120 Rule” – so that you incorporate these principles even into microscopic, 2-hour projects and get the patterns into your muscle memory, into your very bones, so you succeed more naturally “by accident” than most people do on purpose. (This makes business strategy an hour-by-hour judgment call, especially when you have crisis on your hands!)
  • The psychology, daily regimen, education and social habits that cultivate a wealthy peer group, a rich bank account and lucrative day-to-day activities
  • How to recognize the “smoke signals” when a system is at capacity and ready to catastrophically fail – both for global scale systems such as college funding, and also for tiny, solo-entrepreneur systems (i.e. a custom piece of software you use or even developed yourself). This will keep you from throwing good money after bad – which is imperative in the current weeks of turmoil. (After all, what’s next? How is the current crisis only the first domino to fall in a world without Normal?)
  • One type of “catastrophic system failure” people will forgive you for… and another that will cause people to burn with hatred against you literally beyond your grave. (I’m heart-attack serious about this one. This one “rack the shotgun” will literally make or break your entire legacy… it will determine whether you are remembered with fondness or if “good riddance” gets spray-painted on your tombstone in red.)
  • Why the wellbeing of nations is no longer in the hands of their leaders… and the invisible elite that is really in charge (plus the parlor trick they use to distract you every time)
  • How to excavate fractal culture patterns from very old books and use them to literally predict the future… both before it happens and while it is happening (people will think you’re psychic – even if you’re not)
  • An online tool that lets you sample the behavior of a small situation, then project its eccentricities on vast scales with great accuracy. This is important because right now more than ever you are making day to day decisions about what fire to put out and what projects to pursue, and what to let go of
  • The one thing you urgently need to know about the measurable impact of Black Swan events (this specific X-factor speaks to the extreme uncertainty as to the meaning of Coronavirus right this minute)
  • A detailed list of large-scale future disasters and system failures, of which you can be certain a fraction will occur in your lifetime, many of which welcome both offensive and defensive strategies
  • A life-altering conversation I had with a billionaire in September 2016, which is not only the reason 85% of my retirement money has been in cash ever since, but also instructed me how to deploy it (this still applies to you even if your money is IN the stock market because the madness is NOT over yet)
  • A vital business lesson you can learn literally from the AIDS virus, and how the greatest tech giants copy this strategy much more often than small players do (but entrepreneurs can use it nevertheless)
  • The “deep psychological trench” of big data and its paralyzing effect on our leadership and decision making (this doesn’t just affect big corporations, it equally affects 1099 contractors, freelancers and solo entrepreneurs)
  • If billion-dollar disasters are commonplace… what does a BIG disaster look like? A case study in little-known Mega-Catastrophes and a method for predicting the next wave
  • The story of how I “swung for the fences” from 2012 to 2016 with an abysmal batting average – yet managed to create a 21st century “not quite billionaires club” one year later (this clarifies the kinds of risks you should be taking)
  • Everybody’s wringing their hands about global warming. Discover a different problem that’s even more provable, yet nobody is talking about it besides me – and what this portends for the decades between 2020 and 2040
  • The “solitary ritual” I escape to when uncertainty swirls around my own head like bats in a cemetery (there is nothing like being able to remain calm and composed while everyone else is having heart palpitations)
  • Sorry, Google advertisers and PPC geniuses… why you cannot “optimize your way to success” and the habit you must start cultivating instead
  • A lifetime compound-interest personal asset you can (and must) deliberately cultivate which not only is a killer Definitive Selling Proposition… but accrues its own Network Effect over the span of your career – yet not a single “Silicon Valley” book or investment manual mentions it

This is not a drive-by shooting of dirty hacks and shallow techniques. Or publicly traded stocks you’re supposed to buy or short in the next 30 days. And it’s not gonna be “obvious” stuff like “switch all your conferences from hotel ballrooms to Zoom.” (There. I already told you that one. Now we can move on.)

This is deeper. It’s more fundamental. Life altering. You will be employing these strategies next week, one month from now, one year from now, five years from now and 20 years from now.

How many online trainings can make that promise with a straight face?

This leads me to my Guarantee:

IF you are an entrepreneur with revenues between $50,000 and $10 million, and

IF you attend the sessions, take notes, actively incorporate the regimen into your schedule five days a week and ask yourself “the core questions” each day (documenting the actions you take in your notebook) for the next 45 days, THEN:

  1. Slingshot Recovery will be the most substance laden course you have ever taken on practical minute-by-minute risk-aversion and gauging opportunities of all types, from “serial entrepreneur” to investments to laying your personal reputation capital on the line
  2. By Session 2 of Slingshot Recovery, you will possess a daily game plan for how to “chaos proof” your schedule and how to protect your vulnerable psyche from fear; and how to calibrate your “truth detector” and avoid people who would easily take you out
  3. You will receive tools (online calculators and opportunity detectors) for judging many different kinds of systems and assessing risks, downside, upside, and susceptibility to disruption… so you can decide TODAY what projects to pursue, what drowning swimmers to rescue… and which you leave behind
  4. You will interpret minute-by-minute and day-by-day situations in fundamentally new and different ways, like having X-Ray vision glasses… with a companion risk calculator inside your head

OR ELSE send us a picture of your action notebook and your reason for dropping and we will issue an immediate and courteous refund any time in the next 180 days.


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