Urban Forex – Mastering Price Action 2.0

Urban Forex – Mastering Price Action 2.0

Urban Forex – Mastering Price Action 2.0

It’s been 3 years since I’ve released the original “Mastering Price Action” course to the public.
It quickly became the industry’s leading course.

Helping more than 5,500 students in the way they view, anticipate, and trade the market.

Over the years, I monitored feedbacks, performances and comments.
They were nothing short of amazing, however, I wanted more.
I still wanted to raise the bar further – A LOT further! 
So here it is… My best work yet…  The Mastering Price Action 2.0

This is a 2 month membership program :

✅ Beginner to Advanced traders:

In this new training program, I am including an Essential Chapter, that will help new traders to get their trading journey started right. As the course goes deeper, I’ll cover more advanced topics that even an intermediate or an advanced trader can benefit. The goal is to teach you how to turn a profit from the markets and maximize it.

✅ Updated Every Day

Everyday, my team will share some LIVE examples with you, using the knowledge from every chapter of the course. This will allow you to test your knowledge and make sure you’re able to apply what you’ve learned like never before. 

✅ Private Webinars + Live Trades

You’ll be invited to 2, Members Only Webinars during your training program where we will go even deeper into the material covered. Making sure you obtain an absolute Mastery of each chapter.

Occasionally, I’ll share some of my own LIVE Trades I’ve done. These trades will then be broken down to the fine details to explain each step from each of the lessons.

Introducing :
Daily Practice Examples ?

Now you’re able to take your learning to a whole new level. Mastery comes with repetition. Every single day for each chapter receive 3 examples from the LIVE market showing you exactly how to use the information taught in the course.
This powerful new feature will take the guess work out of trading and put you on a laser sharp focus on exactly HOW you should be looking at the markets.

Course Page: Urban Forex – Mastering Price Action 2.0
Size: 1.24 GB

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